What started as a small founding team less than 20 years ago is now one of the largest independent IT service providers in the new federal states of Germany with more than 2,000 employees – an on-going story of growth and success.

At the core of this development were, and still are, billing services for electricity and gas providers. Upon paying closer attention, regiocom GmbH reveals itself as a market leader that also recognised and adapted quickly to other challenges of the now liberalised market. Competition in this sector has led to an immense amount of data and accounting logistics with solutions only being offered by a few specialised providers. As a core provider of data exchange platforms and accounting services regiocom tackles these challenges. Integrating custom solutions with the industry’s standard software systems such as SAP has always been an essential part of the development process. As a result, regiocom has been the first certified business process service provider for SAP in the liberalized European energy market.

At the centre of regiocom’s success is a competent and eager team of software developers backed by a powerful data centre. This team is still growing through recruitment of new IT professionals every month to support varied projects in Germany and Central Europe. regiocom supports its trainees with a learning laboratory to help young people have a successful start in their professional life. Interested students looking for practical experience and projects with regard to their thesis will find regiocom to be a competent mentor and partner.


regiocom GmbH
Marienstraße 1
39112 Magdeburg