MathWorks is excited to provide complimentary MATLAB and Simulink software to all teams participating in RoboCup. With MATLAB and Simulink, you’ll be using industry-standard tools and design workflows that will help you take your team to the next level. Click here to request complimentary software for your team.

MATLAB and Simulink enable you to quickly prototype robotics algorithms using behavioral simulations or lowcost hardware accessories. You can use MATLAB to analyze data and visualize ideas. Simulink and the Embedded Coder support package can speed your Model-Based Design cycles.

MATLAB and Simulink are used by commercial engineers around the world in robotics, aerospace, automotive, and other industries.

Robotics System Toolbox

The Robotics System Toolbox is designed to allow rapid deployment of algorithms to existing hardware and to allow rapid Model-Based Design cycles for new robot design. The Robotics System Toolbox supports development with either ROS or custom frameworks.

Request complimentary software for RoboCup

Advantages of this license include:

• Ability to download the software on to your own laptop
• Access to products including, but not limited to: Computer Vision System Toolbox, Control System Toolbox, DSP System Toolbox, MATLAB Coder, Optimization Toolbox, Simulink Control Design, Stateflow, and many others.
• Ability to activate on multiple machines so all team members can have access to MATLAB and Simulink


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