Schedule RoboCup@Home League


Fri 08:50atHome ArenaRT Lions178.1Stage 1
Fri 08:50atHome ArenaSCC - Serious Cybernetics Corporation55Stage 1
Fri 08:50atHome ArenaSocRob27Stage 1
Fri 08:50atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven154.2Stage 1
Fri 08:50atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld141.5Stage 1
Fri 08:50atHome Arenab-it-botsStage 1
Fri 08:50atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz348.2Stage 1
Fri 09:00atHome ArenaRT Lions42Speech and Person Recognition
Fri 09:00atHome ArenaSCC - Serious Cybernetics Corporation0Speech and Person Recognition
Fri 09:00atHome ArenaSocRob0Speech and Person Recognition
Fri 09:00atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven37.5Speech and Person Recognition
Fri 09:00atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld84.5Speech and Person Recognition
Fri 09:00atHome Arenab-it-botsSpeech and Person Recognition
Fri 09:00atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz118Speech and Person Recognition
Fri 12:00atHome ArenaRT Lions62.5Storing Groceries
Fri 12:00atHome ArenaSCC - Serious Cybernetics Corporation25Storing Groceries
Fri 12:00atHome ArenaSocRob0Storing Groceries
Fri 12:00atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven36.75Storing Groceries
Fri 12:00atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld0Storing Groceries
Fri 12:00atHome Arenab-it-botsStoring Groceries
Fri 12:00atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz12.5Storing Groceries
Fri 15:00atHome ArenaRT Lions2.5Help-me-carry
Fri 15:00atHome ArenaSCC - Serious Cybernetics Corporation0Help-me-carry
Fri 15:00atHome ArenaSocRob0Help-me-carry
Fri 15:00atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven39.4Help-me-carry
Fri 15:00atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld0Help-me-carry
Fri 15:00atHome Arenab-it-botsHelp-me-carry
Fri 15:00atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz76Help-me-carry
Fri 17:00atHome ArenaRT Lions41.6General Purpose Service Robot
Fri 17:00atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven10.5General Purpose Service Robot
Fri 17:00atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld26General Purpose Service Robot
Fri 17:00atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz106.6General Purpose Service Robot
Sat 09:55atHome ArenaRT Lions280.5Stage 2
Sat 09:55atHome ArenaSCC - Serious Cybernetics Corporation178.6Stage 2
Sat 09:55atHome ArenaSocRob55.5Stage 2
Sat 09:55atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven409Stage 2
Sat 09:55atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld357.9Stage 2
Sat 09:55atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz619.9Stage 2
Sat 10:00atHome ArenaRT Lions92.4Open Challenge
Sat 10:00atHome ArenaSCC - Serious Cybernetics Corporation123.6Open Challenge
Sat 10:00atHome ArenaSocRob28.5Open Challenge
Sat 10:00atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven151.4Open Challenge
Sat 10:00atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld101.4Open Challenge
Sat 10:00atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz166Open Challenge
Sat 12:00atHome ArenaRT LionsSet a Table and Clean it up
Sat 12:00atHome ArenaSCC - Serious Cybernetics CorporationSet a Table and Clean it up
Sat 12:00atHome ArenaSocRobSet a Table and Clean it up
Sat 12:00atHome ArenaTech United EindhovenSet a Table and Clean it up
Sat 12:00atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld5Set a Table and Clean it up
Sat 12:00atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz22.5Set a Table and Clean it up
Sat 15:00atHome ArenaRT LionsRestaurant
Sat 15:00atHome ArenaSCC - Serious Cybernetics CorporationRestaurant
Sat 15:00atHome ArenaSocRobRestaurant
Sat 15:00atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven103.5Restaurant
Sat 15:00atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld0Restaurant
Sat 15:00atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz0Restaurant
Sat 17:00atHome ArenaRT Lions10EEGPSR
Sat 17:00atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven0EEGPSR
Sat 17:00atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld110EEGPSR
Sat 17:00atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz83.2EEGPSR
Sun 12:30atHome ArenaSCC - Serious Cybernetics Corporation46Final
Sun 12:45atHome ArenaRT Lions68Final
Sun 13:00atHome ArenaToBI - Team of Bielefeld85Final
Sun 13:15atHome ArenaTech United Eindhoven98Final
Sun 13:30atHome Arenahomer@UniKoblenz100Final