Logistics League

Logistics League

Logistics League is an industrial motivated RoboCup trait in the category RoboCupIndustrial. Up to three mobile robots per team compete against the clock over the best in class solution. Challenging the team for excellence in logistics, the robots are required to establish and optimise a flow of material throughout a 12 by 6 meters production area. Two teams have to compete in the same production hall for a best solution.

Logistics League is based on the mobile robotics platform Robotino® which delivers out of the box deploy ability as a mechatronic system. The challenge includes multi agent autonomy as well as precise motion control, computer vision, efficient scheduling, and manipulation.

In 2013 Logistics League introduced a Referee Box system which will later on work as control server, enabling the flow of information which is of paramount importance on the way to match the complexity level of industrial Automated Guided Vehicles.

In past the production machines were simulated by RFID read-/write devices with assigned signal lamps. Since 2015 small real production machines are used so that a real production process is visualized.

BabyTigers - R, Ryukoku University (Japan)
Carologistics, RWTH and FH Aachen (Germany)
SmartBots@Ulm, University of Applied Sciences Ulm (Germany)
Solidus, Technical Institute of Applied Science HFTM (Switzerland)


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League Chair

Dr. Ulrich Karras